We provide a team of competent, flexible professionals who know how to achieve business targets. Our solutions focus on problems, taking into account real and sustainable changes. We help our clients in close cooperation with our partners.

Strategic Planning

The aim is a platform that effectively delivers the message to the target audience using combinations of communication means.

Reputation Management

Creating coherence in decisions and communication processes to ensure that messages are consistent.

Brand PR

Establishing, fostering and reviewing contacts for our clients’ PR communication to gain media sympathy.

Crisis Communication

More than pure advice – preparing for crisis through simulation and by putting systems in place that limit damage to the firm to the minimum.

Media Buying

Strategy, planning and getting the best media value out of the budget to ensure that the target audience is reached as efficiently as possible.

Digital & SM Campaigns

We offer full services in the online market to ensure identification, foresight and the satisfaction of consumer demand.

Event Concept & Management

We do everything that complex event organisation involves to reach the target group in an interactive way, from conceiving the idea to devising the marketing strategy for the event.

Photos, Videos

We have a proven track record in all areas from the simplest product photography to the most complicated advertising spots, much to the satisfaction of our clients.

When you think you’ve tried every road
Every avenue
Take one more look
At what you’ve found old
And in it you’ll find something new

Martin L. Gore  


We obtain our clients by tender and recommendation after successfully completed projects. Our clients include the biggest multinational brands as well as dominant players in the Hungarian market.

About Us

We understand our clients – we see the point. We know how to turn information into news, into a story. We are partners throughout, from devising a strategy to sales promotion, and in carrying out efficient marketing communication in between. Our edge is that our team includes former journalists and our extensive contacts can be mobilised in our clients’ interests.

Our Vision

We help our clients find the most creative and most cost-efficient solution in marketing communication in a rapidly changing world.

Our History

Nothing happens by chance. Our encounters with each other and our clients are parts of a successive process. Since our Agency started up in 2008, we have gone from strength to strength.

Our Values

Passionate commitment to the work we do. Excellence derived from intellectual rigor, creativity, and practical experience. Client-driven focus. Honesty, integrity, and mutual respect.



Strategic Planning


Reputation Management


Brand PR


Crisis Communication


Media Buying


Digital & SM Campaigns


Event Concept & Management


Photos, Videos

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We believe that audiovisual content is the most important. Our team does not merely record events using advanced technology. Numerous awards show that our creative ideas have not only satisfied our clients but won the approval of expert panels as well, helping to build trust, increase brand awareness and promote sales.

One of the most reliable products in agriculture

More Acres in Every Bag – proven corn rootworm control with fewer stops to refill.

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We joined forces and a team moved together

The Jerusalema dance challenge symbolises togetherness. It aims to show that life is beautiful, even in times of pandemics.

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Prevention Program

SYNLAB is the largest European clinical laboratory and medical diagnostic services company and offers a full range of innovative and reliable medical diagnostics for patients.

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DeLaVie - The Alpine Vitamin Drink

The drinks of Swiss Laboratory developed from original Swiss ingredients are enriched by vitamins, minerals and herbs thus supporting the balanced function of the organism.

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The aluminium cans are valuable

The Every Can Counts initiative aims to recycle as many cans as possible in Hungary, because every can is valuable and can be recycled forever.

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Master class for beginners 8

Attila “Painter” Podmaniczki, the DIY hero who reveals the tricks of the trade, helps folk on the web with ideas and, if need be, a bit of art criticism.

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Travel agency or booking alone?

IBUSZ has been serving the Hungarian travelers for more than 120 years. The travel agency supports customers to save time when planning vacation.

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Muscle Beach

Scitec Muscle Beach has created a custom by entertaining year by year thousands of those who are interested in bodybuilding for a weekend on the shore of lake Balaton.

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Árpi speaks up for the disabled

Changing the attitude of Hungarians needs a message that packs a punch, so we asked for the help of a paramedic to fight for this cause.

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Exclusive visit to the meat plant

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the SPAR Regnum meat plant, we invited jouranalists and influencers to highlight the high-quality work done.

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Life is about timing.

Carl Lewis

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